The energy to heal is all around us and within us.

We can each connect to this Universal healing force.

When we bring the body, mind and soul into harmonious alignment

our innate ability to heal is accessed.

I offer you that connection through channeling,

Reiki healing touch and yoga.

I would recommend Tania for any of her services. She is a highly intuitive, gifted healer. A caring, kind, deeply compassionate practitioner with a gentle manner who quickly gets to the root of a problem and dissolves it. Besides bringing a true equanimity to her sessions, Tania also brings an authentic loving presence and warmth to the healing process. I was calmer, more present and content after each session and felt a shift of energy to a more open, positive attitude and sense of well-being.
— Helen Louise Azzara, PhD Candidate and Creative Facilitator

Photos by Mayra Ramos & Dan Dutton